Kerastase Specifique Potentialiste Hair Serum

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A defence serum enriched with Vitamin C and 10% Bifidus Prebiotic for all hair types, normal, dry, sensitive or oily scalps.

Size: 90ml

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This balancing serum intensely nourishes and helps defend against an uncomfortable scalp for a revitalised and refreshed feeling. This fast absorbing serum helps to protect against external aggressors and promotes healthy-looking beautiful hair.


  • +91% of people felt a soothing effect**
  • 98% of people felt their scalp is more comfortable**
  • 90% of people felt the sensation of a dry scalp reduced**
  • 73% of people felt a more balanced scalp**
  • 74% of people felt their scalp is hydrated**
  • 80% of people felt a durable fragrance**
  • 73% of people felt a long-lasting cooling sensation**
  • 80% of people felt a healthier scalp**
  • 78% of people felt a stimulated & revitalized scalp**


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